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Julijana Vučo

Executive Director

Julijana Vučo, italianist, university professor. She is the author of numerous scientific and professional papers and monographs on applied and educational linguistics. She is one of the founders of institutionalized Italian language teaching in Serbia and Montenegro. She is an expert of the Ministry of Education and Science of Serbia on foreign language issues, as well as the author of bilingual teaching in Serbia. She was a member of the Education Council of the Republic of Serbia in two convocations. She is a member of the Board for Education of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, domestic and international scientific associations. A visiting professor at universities around the world, especially in Italy and the region. Professor Vučo participated in numerous national and international scientific projects. She is active as a literary translator.

Julijana was born and raised in Belgrade, a city she identifies with, especially its’ traditional international spirit. She considers Italy as a part of her broadened cultural space. Julijana loves reading, listening to opera, following rowing, walking and spending quality time with her children and grandchildren.