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Peter Matjašič

Director and Tresurer

Peter Matjašič is Executive Director of Investigate Europe, a cooperative of experienced journalists from eleven European countries working in a collaborative and cross-border way to overcome national bias with the aim of making transnational structures and actors in issues of Europe-wide relevance visible and holding them accountable. Peter’s role is to co-lead the team, help its development in reaching broader audiences, enlarge its community outreach, represent IE externally, and keep its operations and finances in order.

Born in Slovenia’s oldest town Ptuj, built by the Romans, during what was then the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia, situated at the crossroads of cultural influences between the Germanic, Slavic and Latin worlds. Such a setting shaped Peter’s worldview and the rich history, diverse languages and dialects, as well as the complex politics of this particular corner of the world always fascinated him. This led Peter to study International Relations at the University of Ljubljana; inspired him to learn eight foreign languages; and get actively involved in civil society organizations, from the cultural sector to the youth political one.

Prior to joining IE, Peter spent over eight years at the Open Society Initiative for Europe focused on grant making as a tool to achieve change. His most impactful work was supporting an ecosystem of actors to advance whistleblower rights in Europe. Moreover, Peter had been active in the field of youth work for 12 years, starting with the Young European Federalists and finishing as president of the European Youth Forum (2011- 2014) advocating for the rights of young people and their organizations.

In recent years, he has dedicated his free time to playing tennis and co-organizing international LGBTI+ friendly tennis tournaments to promote diversity and inclusion through sports both in the Balkans and in Barcelona. Next to tennis and languages, his main passions are Europe, human rights, gender justice as well as cooking and enjoying quality food.